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The Spirit is Strong In This One

It's the most wonderful time of the year

We got our first real dose of winter this week with our first dump of snow of any size. Sure, we had a few flurries a couple of weeks ago — enough to stick to the ground for a few days — but this week was the first real whallop. 

To say the kid was excited is to understate things, slightly.

Notwithstanding the slightly raspy voice (she's just getting clear of a cold) I think the excitement is palpable. It barely took 10 minutes to go from that scene to her standing knee deep in the front yard, diving and flopping and generally celebrating the real start of the season.

Yes, my kid is a winter kid. I don't know if it's a result of being born in January or just the hearty genes she inherited from my family in Northern Ontario but she's been asking "when is it going to be snowy?" since... August. We call it her "Spirit of the North" and, as a bit of a fan of winter myself, I love it. 

Bring on the snow days. We've got playing to do.