Joe Boughner: The Naked Dad


Finding My Bliss And Talking About My Penis

I've broken one barrier, let's break a second

It was almost exactly a year ago that I was offered the chance to join the amazing team here at Yummy Mummy Club as part of the great dad blogger experiment. At the time I'd been blogging for more than seven years already and I figured it would be an easy transition. Then I wrote about my penis for the first time and I realized there was a bit of a difference between writing about media and communications and writing about parenthood.

In a couple of weeks my wife and I are heading to BlissDom for the first time and I am going to be speaking. I've spoken at conferences and events on several occasions in the past, it's something I am quite comfortable with and really quite enjoy. But, much like my pre-YMC experience as a blogger, it's always been in a totally different world. I've given presentations with titles like "Making it all make sense, understanding and measuring multi-channel outreach" and "How to build a framework for social networking in the enterprise." This one's going to be...different.

The biggest reason I got into this personal storytelling is because I was inspired by my wife. Her blog has become the foundation of an incredible community and network of support. The candour and openness with which she shares her most personal thoughts and struggles has struck a chord with the people she's connected with and made her a stronger and happier person. She's found her bliss. 

At BlissDom Canada 2013 I'm going to take another step on my journey in her footsteps. Maybe I'll find my bliss too. Or maybe I'll just say penis over and over until it stops being funny. 

Or maybe both.

Hope to see you all there.

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