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Live Blog: A 3,800 Km Camping Roadtrip With a 3-Year-Old

Come for the picturesque sights of the Canadian Shield. Stay for the slow descent into madness

In case you missed it earlier, my wife and I are spending a week on the road with our three-year-old daughter. We're heading to a family reunion in Ontario's beautiful Sunset Country and, in what may prove to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision, we decided to drive. And camp. In a tent.

Oh boy.

We are hitting the road on July 31, arriving in Eagle River (near Dryden) on August 2, then turning around and heading home on August 4, with plans to take a more leisurely pace and arrive home August 7.

And since road trip misery bliss should be a spectator sport, we're live blogging/tweeting the entire thing here! Enjoy!

Oh and please note, since we won't always have quality web access on the road, we've disabled the comments on the liveblog itself as they require moderation and it's tough to moderate comments via semaphore. You're welcome to comment on this Yummy Mummy post though. In fact, please do! It may be our only connection to the relative sanity of the outside world when we're laying sleepless in a tent on the shores of Lake Superior.

Oh and if the liveblog is a little slow, check out this song, which inspired our #RocksAndTrees2013 hashtag!