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Talking To Toddlers Vol IV: Knock Knock Joke—Sort Of

Let's call it post-modern

Several weeks ago the kid took a shining to knock knock jokes (remember the bit about being silly?). At first, she actually sort of got it. She hadn't quite grasped the comedic timing required to deliver interrupting cow but that's sort of the upper echelon of the knock knock œuvre. She even showed signs of mastering the complexity of banana, banana, banana, orange. I was, understandably, proud.

But then I unwittingly threw a wrench into the works.

"Knock knock," declared I.

"Who's there?" countered she.


"Cash who?"

"No thank you, I prefer peanuts."

This punchline struck a chord with my daughter. So much so that she seems to have decided all knock knock jokes of her own creation (of which there seems to be an infinite number) need to follow this structure. The supply is infinite, of course, because she tells these jokes while channeling the comedic inspiration of Steve Carell's Brick "I love lamp" Tamland in the classic film Anchorman, naming things she sees. 

The result? Hear for yourself:

The "hey, why isn't anyone laughing" bit is my favourite. 

On another note, the kid is almost three and a half so it's not so much "Talking to Todders" as it is "Talking to Preschoolers." But hey, ALLITERATION.