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New Year's Resolutions For My Preschooler

It's never to early to strive for self improvement

I'm not big on making resolutions for New Year's myself. No offence to those that choose to indulge in the tradition, it just isn't my thing. But hey, 'tis the season, right? And since this blog is about my adventures as a parent, why not mess with tradition a bit and come up with a few resolutions for my almost-three-year-old instead.

So with little to no more for further ado, here are 13 resolutions I'm pretty sure my kid would make if she was a) aware of what a resolution was and b) able to type more than just her name

  1. I resolve to put caps on markers
  2. I resolve to eat at least half of the bowlful of whatever it was I was begging for five minutes ago
  3. I resolve to give more hugs. Not that I don't give a lot. But I can always give more.
  4. I resolve to take 'no' for an answer. But only once in a while 
  5. I resolve to put the lid on the play-doh
  6. I resolve to clean up my toys when I'm done
  7. I resolve not to do any more flying power bombs on to Daddy's back or groin when he's not expecting them, even though it's hilarious when he grunts in agony
  8. I resolve to do this potty thing at least 98% of the time. Maybe 95%
  9. I resolve to keep dancing when the mood strikes
  10. I resolve to wear pants at least five days a week
  11. I resolve to let Daddy finish building his block tower before I push it over on him
  12. I resolve to pet the dog more gently
  13. I resolve to keep being awesome