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7 Un-boring Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Including your kids' rooms

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In a past life, before becoming a parenting blogger, I was an Interior Designer. During that time I learned a few tricks. I would spend my days creatively problem solving other people’s décor dilemmas. One area that presented a challenge in every home I worked on was the walls, and how to take them from boring to beautiful.

One of my favorite ways to tackle a boring wall is to create a gallery. But I have added my own spin on gallery walls that take them to the next level.

Here are 7 un-boring ways to decorate the walls in your home, (including your kids’ rooms)…

1. Source an art series.

This is the first step to creating your gallery wall. Whether you are using a series of prints you found at HomeSense, or a collection of black and white photography you’ve taken yourself. You can either hang them portrait-style in a row above a sideboard, or go a little crazy with different sized frames and hang them at random. The number one rule for creating a gallery wall: break all the rules.

2. Don’t leave too much blank space.

Nothing bugs me more, than when I enter someone’s home and they have simply hung a large print on a really large wall. Okay, maybe crooked art bugs me more. But nine times out of ten, your print is not big enough to stand alone, (unless you can find a spectacular oversized art piece). Try pairing a couple other art pieces together beside your focal art. This look will be much more visually pleasing.

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3. Mix in a shelf or two.

One trick I have used multiple times in my own home is adding a shelf to a gallery wall. This gives more depth and dimension to your wall, and provide a space to showcase special items. What is my favorite go-to shelf? The Ikea Lack wall shelf of course.

4. Show off your favorite books.

Adding books to a gallery wall is a great way to not only store them, but add a bit of your personality. For example, in my office you will find The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Now you know a little more about me. I always encourage adding your personality to your home’s décor whenever possible, instead of opting for generic items. Tip: don’t always vertically place your books on a shelf, every once and a while pile a few to create interest.

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5. Choose a colorful wall backdrop.

Today we are seeing a trend when it comes to the color palette in homes: white walls. I think this is because white is the perfect backdrop for a great Instagram photo. But try rethinking white, and add a touch of grey, or turquoise to it. The rooms that I love to go a little crazy with colour is in my kids’ bedrooms. There you’ll find teals, yellows and even pinks.

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6. Mix materials and add texture.

I always try to mix up the materials whenever I am decorating an area in my home, this also goes for my walls. Whether it’s incorporating a yarn wreath, or a metal sculptural item on your shelf, it will add a little warmth and character to your wall.

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7. Include your antiques and collectables.

In my kids’ rooms, I have found ways to add special items from years passed. In my twins’ room, I found a way to add a dress from when I was a baby to the wall, by finding a decorative hook and frame. In my son’s room, I found the perfect spot for his great-grandfather’s childhood toy truck. Something this special needed to be the focal point in his room.

Creative Wall Decor Ideas |

Whether it's your family room, or your kids' room, try to think out of the box when it comes to your walls. Also, getting a lot of those items a little higher is a great way to baby proof but still have nice things.

For more tips on how to decorate and add special touches to your home, head to my personal blog, Nesting Story.

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