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5 Minute Perfectly Imperfect Curls

The correct way to put in your hot rollers to get wavy curls

Beautiful hot roller curls |

Ever since I can remember, I loved doing my hair. In high school I would wake up every morning really early and perfectly curl my hair. Fast forward, (well, let's say many years) and four kids later, I do not have the same kind of time on my hands to spend curling my hair. 

hot rollers for perfect curls

I had to find something that wasn't only fast to do, but would last a couple of days. Because let's face it, how many moms have time to wash their hair every day? Here is how I have mastered doing my hair super fast, but still achieving a beautiful and stylish look.

First, I never waste time using a brush to dry my hair. I just use my hand to move my hair around and then brush my hair once its dry.

hot rollers for perfect curls

Hot rollers are my go-to styling tool. I Can pop them into my hair within five minutes and do my makeup while they are doing their magic. Then I just remove each roller, which takes under a minute, and voila, my hair is done.

But there is a secret to avoid getting precious tendrils at the ends, and flat hair at the roots. I apply my hot rollers at the root, and wind my hair around the roller. Once you have wound the hair around the roller, you tuck the tip of your hair in and secure the roller with a clip. This effect creates beautiful volumous waves, instead of tight curls.

hot rollers for perfect curls

When putting hot rollers in my hair, I make sure that I am always rolling away from my face. That includs the top and the sides. I typically use the medium sized rollers around my face and on top of my head and use the larger rollers at the bottom. I avoid using the smallest rollers, beacuse the curls they create are too tight and less natural.

hot rollers for perfect curls

Once my rollers have been in my hair for up to ten minutes, I take them out. As I am taking out my rollers I pull the curls and run my fingers through them, to mess my hair up just a bit.

hot rollers for perfect curls

Once all of my rollers are out, I tousle my hair.

hot rollers for perfect curls

I lightly spray my hair with hairspray and I am ready to go.

Note: If you have hair that doesn't keep curl in it, try applying some mousse while it's wet. 

I prefer using velvet covered rollers. It gives a softer effect and avoids damaging your hair. I also like to use clips, (that you can purchase seperately), over the pins that typically come with hot roller sets. They stay put easier, are faster to put in and create less creases in your hair.

For a complete video tutorial on how I put hot rollers in my hair, head to my personal blog, Nesting Story: How to create fast, easy and long lasting beachy curls

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