The Worst of the Worst "Night Out" Partners

Avoiding Partnerus Horribilis

The Worst of the Worst "Night Out" Partners

Watching Movies with a friend

When you’re a mom of two (or one, or five) a night out tends to become something really special. Leaving the house, fully dressed, about to eat a meal that is not served on a colouring sheet or seeing a show that does not involve people dressed in foam suits (well, usually, but what you are into on your own time is your business) is a wonderful treat that tends to come all too seldom.

Going to concerts or comedy nights or even a movie is an exercise in amazing logistics: secure a sitter, find some pants that fit, get out the door on time, attend - and hopefully enjoy - event.

When going out is that big of a deal…you’d better choose your partner wisely. Not only have you become a very discerning consumer of live entertainment, ($10 cover? Forget it!) you must be just as discerning in choosing whom you consume that show with, or risk the ruination of your carefully constructed evening, not to mention questioning your friendships.

Don’t take (or be) these people if you want to enjoy that night out: 

Connie Commentator

She’s your friend. She’s witty, she’s cultured, she introduced you to the cool bands when you were younger and had time for that kind of thing. And then, at the movies one night, it happens: she talks. Aloud. At full volume. You may brush it off the first time…and then…”WHO’S THAT GUY?” or “HE’S GONNA GET IT” or “HE DOESN’T KNOW HE LOVES HER” comes out next. There may be some major candy rustling to accompany the comments. All of it adds up to you shrinking in your seat and very definitely being taken out of the moment.

Prim & Proper Prudence 

We all have a friend who’s a bit more buttoned up than we are. It makes life interesting to hear others’ views. Until you make the mistake of suggesting that she and her husband double date with you at New Talent Night at the comedy club. Sure, the guy (or girl) on stage works a bit blue, but we’re all adults here. Until you notice Prudence starting to squirm, then excuse herself to the bathroom repeatedly, and finally she fakes diarrhea make her exit as quickly as she can. Double bonus if her husband is actually chuckling but then has to dutifully go home early.

Wine Bar Winona 

An innocent girls’ night is gong well. There’s been dinner, or maybe a movie, and now a stop at that cute little wine bar or neighbourhood pub you used to frequent before you had kids and now you feel like a weirdo for taking them in the liquor store with you (What? You can’t leave them in the car!) But then…someone has a wee bit too much. Or maybe more than a wee bit, and suddenly there’s hugging, declarations of love, marital secrets (TMI!) followed by vomiting or weeping or possibly both. We all overindulge sometimes, but Wine Bar Winona seems to make a habit of it.

If you make these discoveries about a friend, be discerning about the next night out, but be forgiving. Take it from Wine Bar Winona - she’ll keep her lips zipped at the movies.

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