Pregnant Woman Told By Gym To Cover Up Or Leave

Discrimination or dress code violation?

Pregnant Woman Told By Gym To Cover Up Or Leave

planet fitness dress code

A pregnant woman in South Carolina was given an ultimatum by her gym: cover up or leave. According to an article in GMA, she opted for the latter. 

Melissa Mantor was 19 weeks pregnant when she attended Planet Fitness to work out in her usual tank top—the one she wore, in fact, the day she joined the gym. Except this time she was confronted about her attire, because her "belly was hanging out."
Staff urged her to change into the oversized black T-shirt provided or face revocation of her membership.
Following the confrontation, Mantor wrote to the gym, expecting an apology.
The gym, however, maintains that Mantor was in violation of its dress code, which clearly prohibits exposed midriffs. 
"I don't understand how they can claim to be a 'no-judgement' gym and then pick and choose who to judge," said Mantor.

Needless to say, she hasn't been back to the gym. 

Was Mantor discriminated against or simply called out on a matter of dress code?
This exclusive gym may not be all its cracked up to be.



RECALL: Summer Infant Video Monitor Rechargeable Batteries

Burn Hazard

RECALL: Summer Infant Video Monitor Rechargeable Batteries

video monitor

Health Canada has expanded its February 17, 2011 recall to include models with the following battery serial numbers:

  • S/N: JNN-S150A
  • S/N: JNN-S150B
  • S/N: JNN-S150C
  • S/N: JNS150A
  • S/N: JNS150-BA
  • S/N: JNS150-BB
  • S/N: JNS150-BC

The monitors included in the recall have the following model numbers:

  • Baby Touch® 02004
  • Best View® 28034
  • Best View® Choice 28463
  • Dual Corverage 28513
  • Peek® Plus 02233
  • Babies ‘R’ Us Baby Sight 3927003H12
  • Safe Sight 28533
  • Secure Sight® 02044
  • Sleek & Secure® 28270
  • Slim & Secure® 02804, 02805
  • Slim & Secure® Plus 28453

The monitor batteries may overheat, causing a burn hazard. Summer Infant received five reports of batteries rupturing, causing smoke and damage to property.

Customers are advised to stop using the affected monitors immediately and to contact Summer Infant online to request a free replacement battery. In the interim, the monitors may safely be used with the AC power cord.

For further information, customers can contact Summer Infant anytime at 1-800-426-8627.

From February 2010 to December 2012, approximately 49,000 of the monitors were sold at Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walmart, Sears,, Best, Target, Amazon, and Home in Canada.

More in recalls.



WATCH: Parents Film Kids' Reaction To New Baby News

I can't thank you enough!

WATCH: Parents Film Kids' Reaction To New Baby News

baby in tummy news

How did you break the news to your children that you were expecting another baby? This Denver couple needn't have been concerned, if this reaction is anything to go by.

Jacob Ouellette filmed his two children—three-year-old Ethan and six-year-old Faithlyn—crack into an Easter egg surprise that contained an ultrasound image.

According to an article in ABC News, though Faithlyn recognized a baby in the photo, the children didn't immediately make the connection.

"This is going to be what you always wanted," said Ouellette, while his pregnant wife delivered more helpful hints.

When mom finally delivered the news, the payoff was pretty spectacular—Faithlyn's little face lit up. 

"You're having a baby in your tummy right now?" she exclaimed. The rest is purely and infectiously delightful.

How did you break the baby news to your children? How did they react?

The little dude in this viral video killed us with cuteness.