10 Rad Retro Movies That Remind You What it Was Like to be a Teenager

Great flicks for those "remember when?" moments.

Movies are a great way to open dialogue with your teenager, all while having some fun sitting in the dark. Even if your kids aren't into a post-movie roundtable discussion wherein you deconstruct themes and survey a literary analysis of the film's overarching imagery, they still make a great springboard for talk. (Seriously; teenagers are like, no fun these days.)

Go ahead and arrange a sleep-over for any littles in the house, whip up your teen's favorite treats, and settle in for some quality movie time this weekend. Or why not make it a weekly date? Bookmark this list for reference and work your way through it because there is something for everyone here — some of the movies on this list are fun, some are serious, and some are just plain nuts (I'm looking at youDonnie Darko). Having teenage kids presents a new set of parenting challenges, but one thing that I've found satisfying about life after 13 is the fact that I no longer have to watch brain-melting drivel. Take advantage of the great movie viewing the teenage years presents, and say good-bye to emergency cyanide capsules in your purse at screenings of "Yogi Bear."

Let's do this!

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