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Play Along on Academy Awards Night with Oscar Bingo!

Because You deserve a treat for watching this thing

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The 88th Academy Awards air this Sunday at 8 p.m., but we all know the real fun starts hours prior as we watch and judge people who are buffed, shined, and poured into unnaturally tight tubes of fabric totter down a fabric-lined street in Los Angeles' entertainment district. Woo hoo; it's red carpet time! Every year I watch, hoping someone does something really unexpected, like show up in jeans and a Metallica t-shirt, saying "Fuck! I totally forgot it was the Oscars tonight until my agent found me in a Whole Foods! She pulled me out so quickly I stole this bag of chia seeds, even!"

Every year I am disappointed when this does not happen. 

This year should be interesting in other ways: many celebrities have boycotted the ceremony because of the lack of racial diversity in nominated films and I totally get that. Many people criticize boycotts as ineffective and self-centred, but I'm all for them and would gladly partake in more should I ever get invited to anything of substance. So far this year I've only boycotted a dentist appointment and a meeting with my tax accountant. 

Now, I'm going to be straight with you: I have not watched all of this year's nominated films, mostly because that would be crazy expensive and probably even a bit boring. I'm also mom to a young son so Zoolander 2 was a highlight here this cinematic year which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Basically, if it's not full of fart jokes or available on Netflix or Crave, I probably won't see it. But this doesn't mean I'm not interested! I love the Oscar broadcast and dinner the night of is hot steaming mugs of turkey gravy. Once the kids have passed out form tryptophan overdose, its time to tune in and keep score. To help you stay alert during the boring musical montages and categories no one honestly cares about (because we're terrible people), I've created an Oscar BINGO card for the occasion. It's also available here in pdf format. Do something nice for yourself (Have a drink! Paint one nail!) for each square you complete. I'll be live tweeting the event at the @YMCBuzz twitter account and playing along. 

See you Sunday on the carpet (couch) in our finest (pajamas) toting swag (nachos) with the Hollywood upper echelon (toddlers)! 

Oscar Bingo Card

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