Get Your Sh*t Together: Do These Things EVERY DAY

Stay on track by doing these small chores every day

Do these 7 things every day

These seven household and personal chores may seem pretty insignificant when looked at individually, but I promise that the pay off is exponential. Take the laundry for instance; a load washed and dried per day means 5 less loads on the weekend. That's a lot of time back in the "fun" or at least "not total bullshit" column.

A few minutes on each item every day will have you happier, tidier, and more in control by the end of just a week.

Here we go - and remember - no excuses! We're getting our shit together!    



Jeni Marinucci is YMC's Creative Director. She has a guilty conscience, a love for humour, and a questionable home-haircut. After her children were old enough to make their own sandwiches, she returned to University to complete her B.A. in English Literature—a designation which has provided her with an extensive library and crushing student loans. When no teaching college wanted her, she had to choose between taking orders through a drive-thru window or from an editor. She chose the latter.