Incredible YA Novels Even Adults Should Read

Written for teens, loved by adults

Just because a book is deemed "Young Adult" doesn't mean the genre shouldn't be enjoyed by adults decidedly older than the "typical" YA audience of 12 - 18 years-olds. Besides, anyone over 25 has a good sense of nostalgia and a lot of the recurrent themes in YA will take you right back to high school, sans zits and exam cramming.

Let yourself think outside your demographic (who are you to be pigeonholed, anyway?) and enjoy one - or more, or all - of these incredible young adult fiction books. Because you're an adult, and no one is going to tell you what to do.  




Jeni Marinucci is YMC's Creative Director. She has a guilty conscience, a love for humour, and a questionable home-haircut. After her children were old enough to make their own sandwiches, she returned to University to complete her B.A. in English Literature—a designation which has provided her with an extensive library and crushing student loans. When no teaching college wanted her, she had to choose between taking orders through a drive-thru window or from an editor. She chose the latter.