The 10 Judy Blume Novels that Changed Us Forever

We Were Raised on Classics

Survey 100 random women today from ages 25- 50 and you're bound to find the bulk of them are Judy Blume fans.

Blume's books formed the backbone of our personal libraries while we were growing up, and we thank goodness for it. Her down-to-earth, empathetic, and never judgmental writing style were soothing, and often a provided us a place to turn during our less-than-awesome formative years. 

Here are our Top 10 Judy Blume novels - each one distinct and unique, each one awesome just the same. 

Jeni Marinucci is YMC's Creative Director. She has a guilty conscience, a love for humour, and a questionable home-haircut. After her children were old enough to make their own sandwiches, she returned to University to complete her B.A. in English Literature—a designation which has provided her with an extensive library and crushing student loans. When no teaching college wanted her, she had to choose between taking orders through a drive-thru window or from an editor. She chose the latter.