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Why #BlissAtBlue Will be Good for You

Bring it on!

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This will be my third year attending BlissDom, but it will be my first time staying overnight and fully immersing myself in the experience (read: getting drunk and partying with my friends and colleagues). Why, you ask? Two reasons: 1) This is the first year that I'm not pregnant or don't have a young nursling at home, and 2) This is the first year that BlissDom is at a location far away enough that I can't drive home after the day's events, even if I wanted to.

To be honest: If BlissDom was at a downtown Toronto location, I probably would have driven home after each day's festivities. Why? To save money. It's hard to justify the cost of a hotel room when I live 45 minutes away.

But this year, I am forced due to the location to spend a few nights and fully immerse myself in the experience: AND I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED! 

It's kind of like when my husband "Has to go away for a business trip."  He tries to pretend that going to New Orleans or Austin "Isn't really going to be fun. It is work...afterall." But I know he's trying to downplay the fact that he gets to SLEEP IN A HOTEL ROOM BY HIMSELF AND GET A SOLID 8 HOURS OF SLEEP because he doesn't want me to be jealous. Well now? It's my turn!

"There is a blogging conference, and well...this is part of my career. And I have to stay overnight since it's so far away this year. Shucks. Will you be okay with the kids for a few nights?"

*thump thump thump* <---- That's the sound of me running away and closing the door before he can answer.

So am I excited for BlissDom to be at Blue Mountain this year? HELL YES! Bring on the inspiring seminars! Bring on the networking! Bring on the learning (and of course...the free samples and swag bag!) Bring on the laughter, the memories, the dancing (there's dancing right?), and the wine! 


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