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A "Lifeless" Newborn and the Power of Warm, Loving Touch

See the medical miracle unfold

As my daughter's first birthday approaches, I find myself re-living the day she came into this world. I look back at the photos of her birth and my eyes instantly fill with happy tears. It was truly one of the most amazing days of my life. 

When I watched the video earlier today about Kate and David Ogg's birth experience, I instantly got a lump in my throat. 

Kate Ogg went into labour with her twins when she was only 26 weeks pregnant. That alone is terrifying. Then, moments after their babies were born, doctors told Kate and David that their little boy - to be named Jamie - had died.

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In a devastated state, Kate and David took the baby from the doctor's hands and crawled into bed with their lifeless little boy. They bawled hysterically as they held him, skin-to-skin, in an effort to keep him warm. They spoke to him, and told him that he had a twin sister. They asked him to watch over her.

And then...the most amazing thing happened. Their little boy began to move, and breathe. Eventually, he grabbed his father's finger.

Today, Jamie and his sister Emily are five years-old, but not a day goes by that his parents don't remember the miraculous day he was born. 

Get your tissues ready, and check out Kate and David's extraordinary story in the video below. I'll certainly be doling out some extra kisses at bedtime tonight. Life is so very precious. 

Image Source: YouTube