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Yippee! A Clever Solution to Your Kid's Pee Smelling Room

Let's talk about the joys of potty training for a few minutes, shall we?

An Ingenious Solution to Your Kid's Pee Smelling Room

Potty training is fun, isn't it?

After months and months of endless potty training talk (and bribery), my son turned two and a half, and shortly after he decided he was done with diapers. He wanted to start going on the potty. Awesome!

However, what I didn't realize, was how often I'd be dealing with accidents. And leak-throughs. And refusals to wear diapers during naptime and during the night. Not Awesome.

This resulted in me changing his sheets at least three times a week and constantly scrubbing his bed in an effort to combat that oh-so-distinct urine smell. You know what I'm talking about.

I didn't want to get one of those crinkly, loud plastic covers for his bed because, well...they're crinkly and loud, and remind me of hospitals (I'm weird.) So during naptime, I'd quickly shove extra blankets or towels beneath him in an effort to save the sheets. This never worked and always resulted in more laundry. Which is everyone's favourite thing to do, right?

And then, one recent day, the Fairy Godmother of Bedwetting (my new name for her) came to me. She saved my life. And by life, I mean sheets. Same thing, right?

A smart Canadian mom had created a product that would forever change my life. *insert dramatic music* I'm genuinely excited about this for many reasons!

  1. I love good products.
  2. I love unique business ideas.
  3. I especially love buying things that are Canadian made.

And Yippee! Sheets are all of these things! So...Yippee! 

Yippee! Sheets are 3-layer waterproof bed mats specifically designed with bedwetting and potty training in mind. They are made with a 100% cotton top layer (with cute fabric design options), an absorbent middle layer to soak up the pee, and a non-vinyl waterproof bottom (that isn't loud and crinkly!)

They are reusable, so you can throw them into the washing machine and dryer and use them again and again. Your middle-of-the night (or middle-of-the-day) bed-changing nightmares will be over! They simply lay on top of the bottom bedsheet, and tuck around the edges of the mattress. Easy to put on. Easy to pull off. Honestly, they are amazing. 

I also love that they offer smaller sized mats that can be placed in your stroller or carseat. This is especially exciting for me since we've had a few pee-accidents on the way home from the Science Centre lately (damn highway traffic!). 

Another thought I had for these sheets was for breastfeeding Mamas. Many moms I know suffer from "drowning in my own milk" syndrome. If you place one of these sheets under you while breastfeeding, you could happily nurse your baby in bed without soaking your own sheets night after night!

So, if you're looking for a unique gift idea for a new mom, or want to give yourself a nice gift (the gift of not do so much laundry) I definitely recommend investing in some Yippee! Sheets. You can buy them online through the Yippee! Sheets website.

Also, your kid's room won't smell like urine anymore. That's a win for everybody.