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An Interview With My Husband


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I'm not pushy enough to be a good journalist, but I love love love interviewing people. So I've decided to start doing that more and using my blog as my interview platform. I'll be interviewing ordinary everyday people, quasi-famous people, and one day . . . maybe even famous-ish people. Excited? Me too!

So first up on my interview list is . . . 

My Husband. (So clearly, he fits into the famous-ish category. Right?)

I've been writing this blog for almost three years now, so I think it's time you all hear from someone who gets a little less stage time in our house—my supportive, calm, rational, and loving husband, Tyler. 

He's the one who takes deep breaths when I'm hyperventilating. He's the one who remembers to pay our Rogers bill. He's the one who will be teaching our children math and geography. He's the one who knows how to send me over the edge just by eating a cracker a little too close to my ear . . . but he's also the one who knows how to reel me in from the edge with a few simple words or a solid bear hug. 

So, now, let's see what Tyler has to say about our parenting adventure so far, shall we?

What surprised you the most about becoming a Dad? 

Just how busy and exhausting it is. I knew it would be busy, but seriously . . .

What advice would you give first-time Dads out there? 

Do the best you can and don't worry too much. With your first child you are so terrified of anything going wrong and most likely it won't. If something does go wrong, you will deal with it. People used to (and still do in some places) raise their children in caves. It will be fine!   

What is your favourite part about having kids? 

Watching them change and grow. They begin to develop such unique personalities at such a young age. Nothing will bring you more joy than your kids.

What's the toughest part about having kids? 

Balancing your time. Your children will always come first. Finding time for yourself, your partner, exercise, eating healthy, etc. can be a real challenge.

How has having kids changed your relationship? 

I think it's forced us to pay more attention to it. It's so easy to become totally wrapped in your kids and forget about each other. Making time for each other (no matter how scarce it is) is really important.

What advice would you offer couples with young kids? 

Make sure you spend time away from your kids togetherdinner, a movie, a walk, whatever it is. If you think you will miss them too much, don't worry. If you are anything like us, you will spend the entire night looking at pictures and talking about them anyways . . .

Do you think we should have a third child? 


Why not? (See, I knew you'd say no.) 

Why mess with perfection?

Do you think I should brush my hair more? And how do you feel about my leg hair? 

Definitely not. The homeless look is starting to grow on me.

End off this interview by saying something nice about me.

I feel extremely lucky each day to have such an amazing partner. Your vitality and beauty continue to grow with age. There is no one else on earth that I would want to be on this journey with. Was that ok? 

Yes, *wipes tear* that was great. I might even shave my legs for you tonight. Rawwrrr.


If you'd like to hear more about my rants and rambles, check out this video where I talk about raging on my husband. In the middle of the night . . .