Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


Jen Warman: Rants In My Pants


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Thanks for stopping by to check out the first installment of Rants In My Pants.

With these weekly rants, I'll be spouting off random shit that keeps me awake at night, but instead of writing about it, I'll be doing it in video form (it's good incentive for me to shower. And put on mascara...).

I hope you enjoy this first episode! And to be sure you don't miss any future episodes, don't forget to subscribe to YMC's YouTube channel. You can also join my new Facebook page, "Jen Warman: Rants In My Pants," where I'll be sharing links to anything and everything parenting related that I consider funny, in the hopes of one day making you laugh so hard you pee your pants... That's my goal in life people. Wet pants. 

Happy Friday!

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