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10 Things I'll Do Differently With My Second Baby

An Interview with Myself

10 Things I'll Do Differently With My Second Baby

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my first blog post for the Yummy Mummy Club, introducing myself. I was about to have my first baby.

*cue nostalgic music, and blurry happy memories in slow motion*

Now here I am, 19 months later, and I'm pregnant with my second baby. Holy crap. That's exciting (and terrifying). 

But I guess the first one turned out so well, we just had to have another, right? (No pressure second kid, but we are totally expecting you to be awesome.) But don't worry, even if you enjoy watching paint dry and picking your nose, we'll still think you're awesome because we are those kinds of parents. 

And now you're probably wondering, okay then—what kind of parents are you? And what kind of things do you think you'll do differently this time around? (That's what you were thinking, right? Good. I'll answer you, because I sort of feel like interviewing myself)

*ahem. Clears throat*

 What kind of parents are you?

 We are the kind of parents who unconditionally love the crap out of our kids. We do the best we can, and try to make educated decisions led by our hearts and supported by books or the advice of smart people. We are the kind of parents who swear, laugh, and say inappropriate things. We are the kind of parents who will make mistakes, but will be honest with our kids about them. We hope we don't break our offspring or harm them psychologically too much... 

(but enough to make them interesting and give them something to write about in the future...) 

  What are 10 things you'll do differently with your second child?

 What? I'm having a second child? See. I almost forgot I was pregnant again!

10. I won't be as freaked out about newborn babies. Yes, they are small and alien like, but I need to remind myself that I won't break their arm trying to put on a onesie...Not likely anyway.

9. I will not run out of diaper genie refills. I will always have them in stock, because when I run out and have to smell diapers in a regular garbage bin, I cry.

8. I probably won't cover up as much when I breastfeed in public, because really...I just don't care.

7. I will take new moms under my wing. When I was a new mom in online groups like, I always appreciated the support and advice from "seasoned" moms who had been there. Now I get to be that mom and help answer questions!

6. I won't be such a "nervous nelly" when it comes to getting my baby to try new foods...("What if he's allergic to...WATER?!?")

5. I won't be afraid to co-sleep, even for a second. I lasted two days with Cole in the bassinet. This time? I'm not even setting up a crib!

4. I won't be decorating a nursery at all. Sorry second child, but you won't use that room and you won't care. You'll be camping out with us for quite a while, I imagine...

3. I won't expect to sleep through the night for at least two years. 

2. I won't buy an expensive stroller because I love wearing my baby and can get a lot more done (and get good exercise at the same time.) Bonus: Mom Arms.

1. And the final thing I will do differently this time around? I will try even harder to find a way to slow down time and savour each moment... 

Thank you indulging me in this trip down memory lane as I prepare for baby #2. It's been quite a journey so far, and I can't wait to see where we're going next, and share my adventures with you along the way.

~ Sentimental Emotional Pregnant Mummy xo