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I Have A Name Crisis and I Need Your Help!


For those of you who know me in real life, you know that I'm a name junkie. I always have been. Always will be. It's a sickness. 

I've already written a post about my name obsession, so I'll try not repeat myself.

This post, however, is to ask for your help. I need your advice! I want to hear your thoughts and I want your input...

Here is my dilemma:

Ever since we were pregnant with Cole, we have loved the name Lily (Lillian) — and this would have been Cole's name (most likely) if he were a girl. So clearly, we would like to use this name if we happen to have a girl this time around..,(which we are. Because I'm psychic.)

Except the problem for ME is that the name Lily it's SO popular!!! (My husband doesn't seem to care, but I do...)

Five women I know who are expecting are planning to use the same name. As someone who bares one of the most common name of the 80s, I always wanted something more unique for my own kids. So I can't decide if my love for the name outweighs the popularity issue. We have two other solid names we like that are less popular: Vivien and Maeve. I really do love these names as well, but Lily has been our favourite since I was pregnant with our son so it's hard to shove it out of first place.

I asked my closest girlfriends for their thoughts and opinions and they offered up some solid advice, on both sides of the coin:

"To me, it doesn't matter how many Lillian's are out there because yours will be unique and stand out. Just think, you're one of 3 Jens in my life and I've never thought of you as having the same name...Pick a name you love, because she will feel that her whole life..." 

"In my opinion, there is no way I would ever name my kid something that I knew would be popular — I couldn't handle that. While Lily is a beautiful name, if five other people you know want that name — that is nutso!" 

So this is where I need your help and words of wisdom. I want to hear your naming stories. Any regrets? What helped you make your choice?

And my overarching question: Will the popularity of the name Lily ruin it for me in the upcoming years?

Thank you in advance for weighing in!

PS. I am very aware that this is NOT A REAL PROBLEM. I am very aware that this is somewhat RIDICULOUS. Phrases like "first world problems" come to mind — but that saying also irritates me, and I don't know why...Perhaps because it's overused and TOO POPULAR!!! ;)