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Man Down! Man Down! What Happens When Moms Get Sick


I feel sick to my stomach with guilt that I haven't posted here in so long. But you see—I have a good excuse: I was too busy being sick to my stomach with a nasty virus, and was in bed for five days. I lost seven pounds in two days, missed three days of work, and remembered what labour pain felt like.

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I haven't been that sick in a very long time. It was awful. 

Thank goodness my parents live with us! My dad actually picked me up from work (after I puked four times into a recycling bin in a frosted-glass boardroom) and my mom was already looking after Cole, so when I came home I just hid out in my bedroom under the covers.

It really got me thinking though: What do people do when they have young kids, and they have NO ONE around to help them? No friends or family? No neighbours? There is honestly no way I could have looked after Cole that day. 

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It also made me appreciate my relatively puke-free pregnancyI know some moms who suffer from such severe morning sickness that they need to be hospitalized. They're on medication, they lose weight, and they just don't stop puking. I can't even imagine.

And of course as soon as people at work knew I was sick, they raised their eyebrows, "Are you pregnant?"

"I could be I guess, but I'd be pretty shocked. I haven't gotten my period back since before I was pregnant." I might have overshared this information with my boss. Yep. I'm sure he appreciated it.

*sigh*classic over-sharer-of-everything*

Anyway, I'm all better now, and through the power of breastfeeding (and hand washing—and possibly his flu shot) Cole has managed to avoid this awful stomach bug. He did, however, get a head cold the same day I got sick. So his gooby snot was sticking to my boob as I laid in bed trying not to touch him while feeding. He would squirm and grunt in frustration of not being able to breathe, and kick me in my already aching and churning stomach. Fun times. Don't be jealous.

It's also times like these that I think of one of my all-time favourite commercials. I'll leave you with the quote:

"Pam! Pam! Can you call my mom?"