Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


Confessions of a Working Mummy


It's my second week back to work, and I can't help but think: "How do people do this? This whole "working" thing? This whole getting dressed in the morning thing?" 

Don't get me wrong: staying at home with Cole was a TON of work. He is active and busy and we always did a lot with our days. But I was able to stay in my PJs if I wanted to. And I didn't have to brush my hair (okay—let's be honest: I still don't brush my hair. Seriously. I just found a mini dreadlock while combing through my hair with my fingers at my desk. Sigh.)

But seriously, functioning at work is a whole new realm of motherhood. Not only do you need to get yourself ready in the morning, you need to get your child ready. You need to feed yourself, and your child. You need to brush your teeth AND his teeth. And all of this needs to happen in an incredibly short amount of time (unless you're willing to wake up at 3am). Oh wait. Apparently I am willing to wake up at 3am, because Cole still wakes up every couple of hours throughout the night. He didn't listen to my "you need to sleep cuz Mommy has to go back to work" speech. Oh well. At least we get more "snuggle" time, right? I'm trying to be optimistic here people...

Sleep is for suckers. You're all suckers. Ha!

Anyway, once you finally get your frazzled self to work, you then need to convince people at work that you're awake and that you can be a functioning member of the team. You need to convince them that you have ideas, and that you are intelligent. 

"Aren't you glad I came back from mat leave? This tired and haggard version of my former self?" I should put a wide-eyed picture of myself on my desk just to remind everyone how eager and awake I used to look.


Can someone just pay me to smile and do a Queen wave? I do a really good queen wave. I'm also an incredible hugger. 

In all honesty, I am excited to be back to work (I'm mostly writing this because I THINK my boss reads my blog). But it's nice to feel creatively challenged again, and tap into that pre-mommy mindset (the one I mentioned earlier...about being intelligent, and having ideas?) I'm still working on it...


Tell me, how did you find your transition back to work?