Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


I Want To Breastfeed Your Child


Yes, I realize this sounds incredibly strange. It even sounds strange to me. But I'm just going to go balls out here and say it:

I want to breastfeed your child.

There. Done. Judge me all you like. Now let me explain myself a little better...

You know how when some people see new babies, and they feel an incredible urge to put their feet in their mouths? "I just want to eat them up!" Well...that feeling has never really happened to me (Okay, I lie. It happened to me BEFORE I had a baby...but not since having a baby).

However, since having a baby, whenever I'm away from my son for an extended period of time (which has only ever been for a maximum of 6ish hours) I find myself looking at other babies and having an incredible urge to scoop them up in my arms...and breastfeed them. 

I was at a friend's wedding back in December. I had been away from Cole for about 4 hours. I had already consumed a few glasses of wine. And hit me. Everywhere I looked, I saw babies. My heart started gushing, and I missed my son so much. And since he wasn't there to kiss and hold, I just HAD to run over to every other baby in the room and strike up conversation with their parents. 

"How old is he? What's his name? Do you want to see my son?" And then out would come the iPhone.

My husband and I are yet to go on a date where we don't flip through photos of our son and gush about how much we love him. It's just a little bit disgusting.

Anyway—there. I've publicly admitted this strange feeling that comes over me, and now you can all think I'm a weirdo (not that you didn't before).

So please...if you dare...tell me—am I alone in feeling this way? Or are you all just feet-munchers?