Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


Travelling With a Baby Over the Holidays


One thing I've learned in the past nine months is that babies come with a lot of gear (hence us buying a mini-van when we only have one baby...and a dog).

I've even limited the amount of gear we buy, trying to focus on the bare essentials, and I still feel like I'm packing for a European adventure every time we go visit my in-laws for a weekend. And now with Christmas quickly approaching, I'm pretty sure we're going to look like holiday traveling gypsy elves when we're cruising down the 401. We might have to strap presents onto the roof and pack the dog into the stow and go (just kidding animal activists—I would never do that).

When I pack for a weekend away, here is what fills my bags for Cole:

Isn't this just crazy? I suppose I could take a few things off of this list, because when you really break it down all I need is my baby, my boob, and a blanket to survive. But I don't just want to survive the holidays, I want to enjoy them! (Hence the Drop-In Bottles—Mommy wants to have some vino with Santa!!)

I want to bring my handy Fridge to Go Bottle tote, and my pre-made baby food because I hate paying money for jarred foods. Cole is starting to eat what we eat, but there are some pureed basics and pre-blended meals that are just easier if they're already made. Plus: if I'm having some wine, like mentioned above, I should probably avoid operating a blender. I'm just saying. It wouldn't be safe. And you know me. I'm all about safety. 

And what about my Diaper Genie portable diaper bag dispenser? My in-laws don't have a diaper disposal system, and I don't want to fill their garbage with stinky diapers. Unlike most people, I actually get along with my in-laws, and want to keep it that way ;)

Oh—and my baby carrier. I don't go ANYWHERE without my carrier. I actually consider it an extension of my own body. "Head and shoulders, knees and ergo, knees and ergo..."

I suppose I could forgo Coles favourite rhyme book. I know all of the words off by heart anyway (complete with character voices)...but he LOVES this book. And it's it'll fit in the diaper bag!!

Okay. Well. It's settled. Thank you for letting me brainstorm out loud. I'm bringing it all. Heck, maybe I'll bring three toys. Yeah, that's right. I'm a rebel. And let's be honest, we have a lot of room in our mini van to fill!

Now tell me, what are some things you cannot live without when you travel with your baby/children?