Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


Welcome to the World of Solid Foods


We have officially entered the "stinky poop" phase. Gone are the days of relatively odourless diapers (thank goodness for my Diaper Genie) because we are onto solid foods at the Warman residence. And if you're a parent, you know that solid foods = a stinkin' mess. In every sense of the word.

When Cole was 4.5 months, we very slowly started introducing rice cereal. He loved the texture and taste, but the high amounts of iron didn't agree with his digestive system. So we added pureed pears. That seemed to help things a little. Then bit by bit, we added a few more fruits and veggies. Each time, we'd get the camera ready and document the experience, "Okay, now Cole tries peas for the first time!" and we'd send the video along to our moms (who would then forward it to every family member across the country.)

"Look! My Grandson tried PEAS for the first time. PEAS people!!!" (I apologize Uncle Wendell in Waterloo and Great Grandparents in Kindersley. I know you love us, but could probably not care less.)

However, to us, solid foods is a fun new adventure! I seriously get excited to see his expression whenever he tries something new. And since I'm sponsored by Playtex, I have a variety of all their newest products which Cole and I will be trying in the weeks and months to come!

So far, here is what he's had and how he's felt about it (and what he ate them with):

 Rice Cereal - Yum!
 Pears - Five Stars
 Apples - Loves
 Sweet Potato - Delicious!
 Broccoli - Absolute favourite
 Avocado - creamy awesomeness
 Peas - Meh
 Carrots - Slightly-above-meh
 Banana - loathed the first time, enjoyed the second time
 Oat Cereal - Enjoys, but may be allergic to (still trying to figure that one out)

In terms of preparing Cole's food, we like to puree everything first, and freeze it in an ice cube tray (this is an awesome mom-shared-tip that I love. Great for portioning and freezing). Then we set Cole up in his high chair, throw a bib on him, and grab our Playtex infant spoon cuz it's our favourite (seriously, I sift through the other generic ones cuz I like these ones best). They have a long handle, and curve downward at a perfect angle to fit into his mouth. They have a rubber surface so when Cole chomps down on it (he's teething) it's soft on his gums. Never before would I have paid so much attention to the details of a spoon (hence the drawer full of other generic ones) but I seriously love this product.

I also really like the Playtex mealtime bowls because they have a great rubber grip on the bottom so they don't slide all over the table—especially since Cole likes to reach for everything in sight. Once he gets older and can eat from the bowls himself, I'm sure he'll also like the cute truck designs on them as well.

I'm also excited for him to use the First Sipster and his Lil' Gripper cup. He's still a little young to understand how to get liquids out of these cups yet (I tried, and he just shook them upside down) The good thing is, it's true—they're leak proof! haha

Anyway, it's dinnertime and I have a hungry and growing boy to feed. Tell me, what does mealtime look like at your place, and what foods does your little one enjoy?

Also, if you want to check out Cole and me in a recent CityTV interview, you can see us in action using our favourite spoon! (the interview, however, was not about the spoon.)