Jen Charron: Control Freak


Viva The Control Freak!

Are You Like This Too

My husband received an email yesterday morning from our former neighbour. The other day, he and his wife saw the comic below and they said it reminded them of me:

However could this remind them of me!?!

Could they be referring to my last post about itemizing our Family Summer Fun?

Or to this downloadable Road Trip Itinerary spreadsheet that I’ve used to block out timing for many trips?

Or to this Baby Packing List that includes everything I needed to pack for the Kid when he was younger?

And is it a sign that this comic was published on my birthday? Or just a coincidence?

OK… so maybe there is a bit… well, a lot of a resemblance to me ;-)

But I embrace my desire/compulsion to plan things out. “Can I hear myself?” Yup. Loud and clear.

The irony of getting worked up to be relaxed is not lost on me.

But I know that all of my planning makes our vacations go off without a hitch and then I actually can relax and have fun because of it.

Viva the Control Freak!