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First Aid On The Go

What To Keep In Your Kit

The other day my husband took my 4-year old out to the park. They went to a park with a very steep hill and took the scooter. It was warm so they were in t-shirts and shorts. The Kid refused to wear knee or elbow pads and his father did not insist. (FYI – helmet is not optional.) The result…all knees and elbows completely scraped up. (But head intact!)

A couple weeks ago, the Kid learned how to climb the tree in my parents' backyard. AND shimmy all the way back down…which left his belly covered in scratches. It looked like he had a run in with a mean alley cat.

These incidents keep reminding me that I really need to put together a first aid kit to stash in the car so that when we’re out and about, I’ll have what I need to tend to my daredevil child as he climbs, rides and jumps his way through the summer.

So this week, I’m going to find a medium sized, air-tight, plastic container and fill it with:

- Band-aids
- Gauze Pads (lots of different sizes)
- Adhesive Tape
- Antiseptic Wipes
- Hand Sanitizer
- Baby Wipes
- Polysporin
- Hydrocortisone Cream
- Sunscreen
- Tweezers
- Scissors
- Safety Pins
- Instant Cold Packs
- Bottle of Water
- Kids Tylenol
- Kids Benadryl
- Ziploc Baggies

And if you have a kid like mine, may I suggest you do the same?