Jen Charron: Control Freak


Falling Off The Uber-Organized Wagon

When Life Messes Up Your System

It’s official.

I have fallen off the wagon.

My nice, comfortable, uber-organized wagon.

My centralized pile to deal with in the morning is creeping out over the table and has been sitting there longer than I’d like to admit. Meal planning has been forgotten for a few weeks. I haven’t taken time to keep my “To Do” lists updated and organized.

What has lead to this disarray? Here’s the math:

One already busy family

+ an overly hectic work schedule
+ we bought a new house
+ we staged and sold our current home
+ 2 weeks of kid flu
+ getting ready for the holiday season
+ starting to pack for the move
= overwhelmed me

Who can’t relate??

Each item above on its own is manageable. But put them all together and, well…

There are only so many hours in the day. There is only so much volume that one can handle. And when the volume is cranked, even the most organized folk can feel oh so disorganized. But it happens. Life happens.

In order to keep up, I’ve been taking things as they come at me. I’ve been getting the essentials done and keeping all of the balls in the air. But I have not been feeling my usual in control self. I’ve had to put off many things that I would normally do. And I am not ahead of the game.

When my life gets like this, I can only go along for so long before I need to get back on the wagon and get that wagon back on the track.

Now is the time.

This weekend, I spent time getting organized. My “To Do” lists are all filled up and prioritized by date. My Holiday Gifts Spreadsheet has been updated and the purchased gifts are organized. I may not be further ahead in the things I have to do and my schedule may still be mega-packed. But I am feeling much better about it all.

(But how did I do it? My husband took the Kid out for lots of dude fun. This weekend, they went to a Raptors game, a couple of indoor playgrounds and somewhere that they couldn’t tell me since it is part of a holiday surprise for me. This is the downside to getting organized… you can miss out on some good stuff! But something’s gotta give.)