Jen Charron: Control Freak


Clean Out Your Closet

Purge Your Wardrobe One Drawer at a Time

Looking for something to organize this week? I suggest going through some of your clothes and find things that can be tossed or donated. But keep it simple…

Choose one dresser drawer. Or one shelf in a closet. Whether it be your clothes or your kid’s, just take 5-10 minutes to go through that drawer or shelf and pull out items that:

1. Don’t fit anymore
2. Aren’t worn anymore
3. Are worn out

Toss them in a basket. If you can find just a few minutes each day to do this, by the end of the week you’ll have a basket full of things to bring to Goodwill.

This week I am doing this and more… because I am getting ready to move in just a few days. The more I can purge now, the less we have to pack and move!