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Twelve Things To Love/Hate

Did Yours Make the list?

love and hate

You know the proverbial love/hate relationship? Turns out it doesn't just apply to people! I recently had an attack of "thinkin' 'bout stuff," which thankfully doesn't occur often, and I realized that many of the things that drive me bat-shit crazy are also things that I actually also love, appreciate, or, at the very least, need.

So, as all good bloggers do, I had to share. Here's my list of things I love/hate:

1.  The plethora of sale and discount code emails from children's clothing stores that flood my inbox every morning: They annoy me when I'm not in the market for new kids clothes, but boy, are they handy when I'm spending a fortune to dress my kids and can actually use them to save money!

2.  My iPhone: Where would I be without it? The reasons I love it are obvious, but I still can't get used to the auto-correct that is so not correct, nor the rapid suck of battery power that fails to last a full day.

3.  Cooking or bakingI enjoy the process, I really do, yet somewhere along the way, I lose my appetite for whatever I'm making, unless it's my Bolognese sauce. Plus, cooking and baking requires kitchen cleanup . . . 

4.  Getting my daughter ready for, and delivered, to school: This could quite possibly be the most challenging 45 minutes of my day, but the obvious payoff is when she's finally AT school and I have six hours to myself. To ponder things I love and hate.

5.  Bras (see also: knickers): If you wear a bra, or knickers, or both, this requires no explanation.

6.  The "Like" button on Facebook: It's a convenient way to say thank-you or that you, well, liked something! The problem is when somebody posts a sad or mad or unpleasant status or a post about the decline of the human soul and people "like" it!  Why are you "liking" somebody's pet dying or somebody missing a flight, people? Why is a "Dislike" button so unlikable, Zuckerberg?

7.  Social media: Since we're already talking about Facebook, let's just talk about social media in general. I love the social aspect—chatting about anything and everything, the funny jokes and memes, the sharing of information, the communities. Yet sometimes (generally around PMS times), I also feel like it could be called "anti-social" mediawhen you tweet to an echoing canyon, when you post a status that not one person acknowledges, when you start comparing who is following who but not you, when you look at your reach analytics, when you spend time wondering why all those people you followed on Instagram haven't followed you back, despite being "friends" with you on Facebook and following you on Twitter. Ugh. You need a very secure self-esteem sometimes to live in the world of social media.

8.  Fried foods: They taste sublime, but we all know what they do to us if we don't eat them in moderation. I have no moderation. Ditto for chips, chocolate, and cookies. 

9.  Taking my kids to the park (oh yeah, I just said that): I love hanging out with my kids (sometimes) and I like them spending time outdoors, but there are so many things about the park that get under my skin, like germs, animal poop, sand or wood chips, mud, random coyotes that trot out of the nearby woods (true story), and mommy cliques. Isn't sitting on my lounger reading under my patio canopy while the kids play in my backyard the same thing as taking them to the park . . . sort of?

10.  Painting my house: Coloured walls are lovely. They are even better when I am not the one who has to colour them. 

11.  Plastic wrap on magazines: Thank you for the protection of my magazine, because you guessed it, I AM one of those people who dislikes a scratch, rip, or crease in my magazine covers or pages. Yet I also find it wasteful and bad for the environment that some magazines come with plastic protection. Couldn't we at least use brown paper wrap that can be recycled?

12.  Grocery/household item shopping: Here is a high-level description of this kind of shopping . . . 

  • You put stuff IN the cart. 
  • You take it all OUT of the cart to pay for it. 
  • You put it all IN to bags. 
  • You put the bags back IN the cart. 
  • You take the bags OUT of the cart and put them IN your car. 
  • You take the bags OUT of your car and bring them IN to your home. 
  • You take the stuff OUT of the bags and put them IN their applicable storage areas. 

I'm sorry, but all that IN and OUT should be reserved for ONE act and ONE act only. Can't somebody please design a cart that can be wheeled through a scanner still full of our stuff and then allow us to take that same cart and fold up the legs/wheels and put that cart in our car, stroller-style? Bingo! Half of the inefficiency eliminated! Sadly, I have to also love grocery/household item shopping, because, well, I like to eat. And use toilet paper. And have clean dishes. 

You get the picture.

How about you?  What do you have a love/hate relationship with?

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