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What These Teens Did Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

A Feel-Good Video That Shows the Sweet Side of Teens

When my stepson turned thirteen, I was a little nervous.  Let's face it — the teen horror stories are far more plentiful than the warm-hearted anecdotes. While he does hibernate on weekends, often eats like a bear who has just awakened from hibernation, and occasionally flips us some snarly bear attitude, I haven't seen much of the "stereotypical" teenager that I've read so much about.

I acknowledge that perhaps I could be seeing more of the teen terror as my stepson moves deeper into teenhood, but I also have noticed that there's a lack of good press for teenagers, which shapes our belief that they're difficult.

Here's something to combat that: not only will this video stir up a few tears in your eyes like it did with mine, but it's a great example of teenagers at their best — and who wouldn't want to see that?

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