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NFL Star Pays for Women's Mammograms in Honour of Mom

DeAngelo Williams Lost His Mom, But Not His Heart

NFL DeAngelo Williams Pays for Mammograms of 53 women

DeAngelo Williams is a NFL star running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who, at first glance would seem to have it all. But Williams lost his beloved mother last year to breast cancer at only 53 years-old. The age of 53 is too young for anyone to go, but the number is significant for more than just being the age at which Sandra Hill died. The number is also important for 53 other women who would have otherwise gone without getting their breast cancer screening through mammograms. 

Enter DeAngelo Williams and his huge running back sized heart. In early October, Williams' non-profit organization - The DeAngelo Williams Foundation - announced that it will fully fund mammograms for 53 patients. The charitable effort is in memory of Williams' mother - and four of his aunts - who have died from breast cancer. 

Breast cancer efforts aimed at bringing awareness to prevention methods are great, but to see a celebrity with influence go beyond just wearing pink cleats on the field (which Williams does also) is tremendous. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk; the foundation shoulders the cost of a medical procedure unattainable for many women;  with the national average of $250 (for those without insurance) a mammogram often goes to the very bottom of the priority list for low-income women and their families. 

Until now, because Williams' generosity and kindness in the memory of his mom and aunts extends beyond platitudes and staright into touchdown territory. 

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