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If I Won The Lottery Tomorrow . . .

How Would Your Life Be Different With Unlimited Resources?

If I won the lottery tomorrow, after doling out a number of substantial donations to the causes that matter most to me, and sharing the wealth with family and friends, I would . . .

Hire a chef! Someone whose only responsibility would be to feed my family healthy, well balanced, organic, non-GMO, made from scratch food that tastes delicious and everyone would eat, without a fuss. I’d never have to think about meal prep again. Said chef would also be a sommelier who could pour me a perfectly paired glass of wine with every meal—obviously.

Hire a full-time laundry folding professional. Someone to take my freshly laundered clothes out of the dryer while they’re actually still warm, fold them neatly, and put them away in the right places. No longer would I have baskets of laundry all over my house, piles of clothes that have been folded but not yet put away, and washed laundry that accidentally sits in the washing machine until it starts to smell. My linen closet would be so organized I’d actually be able to find a crib sheet when I needed one, and towels wouldn’t fall out on top of me every time I open the door.

Enlist the help of a parenting professional who could come in every morning to get my kids ready for school. I’d never have to scream the words, “WE’RE LATE!” again. Instead, I’d sit back and drink my coffee (that hasn’t been re-heated three times) while my kids were brushed, washed, and dressed by someone with infinite patience and impeccable parenting skills. I’d then meet my kids at the front door and walk them to school, all singsongy and smiling, because we wouldn't be late and we wouldn't be frazzled.

Build a little house behind my house (which would have a sprawling backyard with a gazebo for an ‘outdoor office’) where my “Self-Care Team” would live. This team would be made up of a massage therapist, osteopath, yoga instructor, and life coach/therapist. They’d all work on an on-call basis whenever I needed a little me-time intervention! Since I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, I’d probably have a personal doctor/pediatrician as part of the team too, and maybe a naturopath for good measure. Come to think of it, perhaps a hair stylist and manicurist would be a nice addition to the team, as well.

Next I'd hire a travel agent whose only job would be to plan little getaways for my hubby and me, where we’d be able to have conversations without being constantly interrupted, and actually work on our relationship without trying to run a household at the same time. Obviously, I’d also hire an incredible babysitter who my kids would adore and would be happy to stay with while we were away eating in delicious adult restaurants, seeing movies in the theatre, and taking long walks together . . . after 7pm.

There's more I could add to this list, but it seems dinner isn’t going to make itself. Back to reality.

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?

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