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The Musings Of A Totally Distracted Mommy

Or Why I've Written Five To-Do Lists But Haven't Gotten Anything Done

At the end of the month, my baby girl will be 8 months old. I'm kinda freaking out. How did she get so big, so fast? And why is it getting so much harder to get anything done? I've been trying to get organized, but the 'to do' lists keep piling up and the chaos continues to mount. Every time my baby's head hits the mattress for her nap, my brain is bombarded with a bajillion things I really need to get done.

It goes something like this...

Wow, I'm tired. I should really take a nap.

But...the dishwasher is clean and needs to be emptied. I could do that now...unless the noisy clanking of dishes wakes the baby up.

I could make dinner. What on earth am I going to make for dinner? I would really like to have a personal chef. Where does someone go about getting one of those?

Coffee!! Is it too late in the day for coffee? Would that work to replace the nap I really want to take?

I have so much work to do. I should really sit down and get some work done. Where to begin? I think I'll write another 'to do' list. Just to get myself back on track.

I can't believe Hanukkah is just a few weeks away. I wonder if we have any candles left from last year? I should make a list of presents I need to buy. Shopping would be a fun way to spend the day...but, what about all the work I have to do?

Ding. Facebook! Damn you! Why do you always lure me away from everything I should be doing?!

Thanks to Facebook I now know that another mommy friend is starting to sleep train her baby. Should I be sleep training Fiona? She's almost 8 months. Shit! She could be sleeping through the night... But, do I have the stamina to mess up a routine that's working fairly well? Do I have the strength to let her cry in the middle of the night? What am I supposed to do with Willow while Fiona is crying all night? Willow is hardly sleep trained as it is. Gah! Maybe I'll just forget about this for now. If I do nothing, maybe she'll sleep train herself...

I'm hungry. Guess I really should start to think about dinner. Should I start cooking before my mom brings Willow back from swimming lessons or once she's is already home? What am I going to cook? I really really need that chef!

Beep. That's the dryer. All those warm clothes should be folded before they get wrinkled. How is it possible for a family of four to produce so much laundry? This remains a mystery to me...

If I go upstairs to fold laundry, I'm sure to find a bunch of other things that need doing up there, and I'll get sucked into the household chores and won't get any actual work done.

Remember when I actually believed that I could have it all. Hmmm...that was a pretty good blog post. But, boy was I being overly optimistic. Some days I feel like I'm totally making it all happen, and the next I'm a crazy, crying wreck who feels like nothing is getting accomplished and I'm running around in circles.

Does anyone else feel like this? Maybe I was crazy to try to work and stay home with a baby?

Why are there so many toys on the floor? Didn't I just clean this house yesterday?

I wonder what next year will be like when the big kid is in JK every day? Maybe I'll finally be more productive...assuming I get Miss Fiona into daycare at least a few days a week.

Which reminds me, I really should email the daycare.

But before I do that, I've got to deal with the car breaks that need replacing. Once I book that appointment...I can get us scheduled in to have the new car seat installed. Baby is moving out of the bucket and into a big car seat already.

Wow, time really is flying. I think I might actually miss this baby stage.

Or maybe not.

Why am I suddenly so hungry?

Dinner...right, I've got to figure out dinner.

Just as soon as I respond to this last email.

(And just like that nap time is over)

"Mommy's coming..."

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.