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Creative Ideas for Things You May Want to Trash

Don't Throw It Out, Upcycle It

Creative Ideas for Things You May Want to Trash

Have you ever stopped to think of what happens to some everyday items, only meant for one use, after you use them? Things that could be used again but really aren't because of what they are. Such as the bar of hand soap in the hotel you last stayed at. (Would you use a bar of soap a stranger used? Probably not). Or the bottles your spaghetti sauce comes in. (Sure, they are glass and can be recycled, but there are so many uses for them!). Or the crayons your kids coloured with at the restaurant you went to over the weekend. Most kids probably wouldn't mind colouring with used crayons but I guess there is just a "thing" about using new crayons over those that are worn down and have the paper peeled off.

One dad dug a little deeper to find out what happens to restaurant crayons after they were used once and when he found out, he decided to do something that will make you smile. He created the Crayon Initiative. Take a look:

Amazing and inspiring.

While taking on a project of that size may not be possible for all of us, there are small-scale things we can all do in our homes. All it takes is a little creative thinking. And maybe a little help from Pinterest! Here are some upcycling project ideas for things that may otherwise end up in the trash bin.

  Wine Cork Trivets

Collect those wine corks and make something useful for your kitchen.

  DIY notebooks made out of cereal boxes

I could hardly tell these were made out of cereal boxes. They really look like expensive notebooks bought from a stationery store. This is a project I've added to my list.

  T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug

T-Shirts that are not suitable for donation are a perfect candidate for this project.

  DIY Hot and Cold Packs

No need to buy these in the store anymore. All you need is an old shirt, rice, scissors and a needle and thread!

  Old Shutters to Magazine Rack

  Wooden Spoon Bird Feeder

This is a good one to get the kids to help out with. Not only will they enjoy making it, they'll enjoy seeing the birds come to visit.

  Old, Used Crayons Get New Life

Upcycle your own crayons by melting them down and turning them into new fun-shaped crayons.

  From Food Jars Into Functional Dispensers

Those spaghetting sauce jars I mentioned above? Turn them (or any other suitable food jar) into a soap or lotion dispenser for the bathroom.

  DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

Your pet will love this bed because it will be made from one of your old sweatshirts. It's dual purpose because it will comfort him while you are away.

Whether you are creative or not, there are so many upcycling project out there waiting to be found. Want more? Here are 50 more household upcycling ideas! (Pin them for later here).

Have you ever upcycled something that would have been considered garbage?

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