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Clean Your Oven Door with 3 Things You Have Now

Sparkle and Shine without Sacrificing Your Lungs or the Environment

Make Your Oven Door Glass Sparkle with 3 Natural Ingredients

Over time, after baking things that splash, bubble, and spill, your oven door and window will need some special cleaning attention. If you're like me, cleaning the stove and oven ranks pretty low on the priority list when it comes to things to do during coveted spare time. One reason that holds many of us back is the fact that the products available in stores for these jobs aren't good for us because they have strong, bad-smelling fumes. The other reason is the fact that they are bad for the environment. Nobody wants any of that.

How To Clean Your Glass-Top Stove With Natural Ingredients

So what if there were a natural, eco-friendly way to clean up that dirty inner oven door using three ingredients you have in your kitchen right now? Well, luckily, there is. This method cleans really well, there are no fumes or harsh chemicals, and it is safe for both you and the environment. Win-win-win.

Here are couple before images of my oven door:

Here is what you need to make it shine:

1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp water

* Note that depending on how long ago you last cleaned your oven door, you may need to double the ingredients and repeat this process.

1.  Combine the three ingredients into a paste.

2. Spread it over the glass and any parts of the door that needs cleaning.

3.  Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. This will soften the stains up a little bit. If you notice the paste starting to dry out slightly, give it a small spray of water.

4.  After the time has passed, scrub the glass and inner door with a the scouring side of a wet, double-sided sponge (one side sponge, one side scouring surface).

5.  Wipe clean with the soft side of the sponge or a wet cleaning rag, using water when needed.

6.  Dry with a kitchen towel. If there are spots that weren't cleaned well, spot clean with any leftover paste.

Tip: If you clean your oven door this way often rather than leaving long bouts of time in between cleanings, it will be easy and quick each time!


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