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Empowering Kids to Protect Animals and Habitats

What Earth Rangers Is Doing and How You and Your Kids Can Get Involved

Empowering Kids To Help Protect Animals and Their Habitats

When you think of being environmentally-friendly, what do you think of? My mind usually goes to the obvious—things like recycling and upcycling, being less wasteful, and avoiding harmful chemicals. Figuring out how to do all of those things is pretty easy. But how about something like protecting animals and their habitats. How would one even get involved in taking on something like that?

This is where an amazing Canadian non-profit called Earth Rangers can help.

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Earth Rangers is a national conservation organization dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity and inspiring them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats, through initiatives such as:

  Bring Back the Wild - This is a national education and fundraising program that teaches children about the importance of protecting animals by preserving their natural habitats. Bring Back the Wild raises funds to support research and the acquisition and restoration of endangered habitats across Canada.

  Earth Rangers Missions - Missions are fun, free short-term assignments designed to keep children and their families engaged and actively participating in actions that contribute to the health of the environment all year round. See below for the latest and holiday-themed mission and how you can take part!

  School Assembly Program - Earth Rangers visits schools across Canada to spread the word through their School Assembly Program. Each year, they visit over 600 school, teaching kids that through their actions, they can make a difference for animals.

Since launching these programs in 2010, over $1.6 million has been raised for Bring Back the Wild conservation projects! Amazing!

How can you get involved now? How about starting with their latest mission? Just in time for the holidays, the current mission is the "Homemade Holiday Mission." This mission is all about creating your own homemade holiday cards to reduce the demands for paper so your kids (and you!) can help save the boreal forests and the animals who call it home. If you are feeling ambitious, you can even make your own paper as an activity with the kids.

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Take a look to find out how you and your kids can get involved:

I think this is a fun way to begin explaining and showing your kids the importance of making choices that have minimal impact on the environment and how wild animals are affected by those choices.

To continue the conversation, visit the Earth Rangers website. It is filled with tons of info about animals, how we can help them, games, educational videos and a whole lot more to get you started.