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How Organically Grown Produce Is Different from the Rest

This Little Girl's Experiment Will Make You Think

How Organically Grown Produce Is Different from the Rest

Most of our children have done this experiment in school — the experiment where a seed or a plant is placed in water and they observe the roots growing. Elise, an elementary school student tried to sprout three different types of sweet potatoes in her experiment — a non-organic sweet potato, a store-bought organic sweet potato, and a local organic sweet potato. Take a look at what happened:

The chemical she speaks of — chlorpropham (also known as “bud nip”or "sprout nip") — is a chemical herbicide used to inhibit sprout growth on potatoes while they are being stored, so they have a longer shelf-life.

While Elise's experiment gives us all something to think about when we shop, it's also a great learning opportunity for our children. To do the same easy experiment at home, follow this step-by-step and click to learn a little more about the differences between organic and conventionally grown produce.