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What Is Organic Produce Delivery and CSA?

Are they a good fit for your family?

What Is Organic Produce Delivery and CSA?

Pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are the two big reasons why most people try to buy organic produce when they can. Luckily, as demand for organics grows, so does the selection at the grocery store. This increasing popularity is a great thing, but often times, stores don't always have what we need when we need it, the produce is not always fresh, or the food is not local because it was shipped from the other side of the world. So what other options do we have? Organic produce delivery and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) may be a good fit for your family.

More and more organic produce delivery services and CSA farms are popping up in cities across the country and not only are they super convenient, you also have the peace of mind knowing that what you are getting is organic, fresh, and in most cases local.

Of course, when it comes to purchasing organic produce at the grocery store, it is not absolutely necessary that everything be organic, refer to the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list as a guideline.

What is an organic produce delivery service?

An organic delivery service is an online grocery store that offers organic produce. You go on to the service's website, choose if you want to order a la carte or have a pre-selected box of produce delivered, and then you pay. You also choose the delivery frequency and the amount of produce the box contains. Some organic produce delivery services also offer a selection of organic and natural grocery store staples.

Here are some organic produce and grocery delivery services from across Canada:

To find an organic delivery service in your city, a simple Google search will help you find what you are looking for.

What is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A CSA is much different from an organic delivery service. If you buy into a CSA, you buy and pick up directly from the farmer, but delivery can sometimes be arranged depending on if the farm offers this service.

At the beginning of the farming season, you "buy into" the farm with the agreement that the farmer will share the food with all "share holders" throughout the season as it is harvested. Some farms require you to help with farming duties to help divide the labour amongst share holders and to bring you closer to the food being grown, which can be a great experience for your children.

Here is a list of CSA farm programs listed by province:

Have you ever used an organic grocery delivery service or have you taken part in a CSA program? What did you think?