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Are Your Favourite Tissue Products Eco-Friendly?

New App from Greenpeace Canada Makes It Easy To Tell

Not quite sure if the napkins, paper towels, or the rolls of toilet paper you are about to buy are truly eco-friendly? Then you need check out the new (and free) Greenpeace Canada Green Tissue Guide App. It’s true—there really is an app for everything!

Avoiding "greenwashing" and having to understand the small print on every single product we buy—to determine if it’s really as eco-friendly or as healthy as it claims to be can sometimes be a little overwhelming. This is the purpose of the Green Tissue Guide—to make shopping green a little bit easier for you.

The great thing about this app? It’s Canadian, so you won’t need to sift through the photo catalogued brands to find your favourites. The app lists over 150 tissue products available across Canada (big brands as well as smaller store brands), so you’ll be able to quickly tell if your favourite paper products are forest-friendly with a simple rating system. Simply search for your brand to see what icon it has been assigned.

  • Green Icon - Made from 100 per cent recycled paper fibre. The best option for the environment.
  • Amber Icon - Less than 100 per cent recycled but Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FSC is designed to ensure responsible forest management. A smart choice when recycled products are not available.
  • Red Icon - Contains no recycled fibre and likely comes from destructive logging operations. Avoid these products.

Trying to cut down your use of paper products? There are always cloth napkins and cloth paper towels. I love these reusable cloth towels that can be used, washed, and reused again and again.

The app is free and is available for Android devices, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Download the Green Tissue Guide App through iTunes here
Download the Green Tissue Guide App for your Android device here

Don’t have a smart phone or tablet? Download the full .pdf report here