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Apps That Teach Kids About Nature and the Environment

Three Apps That Will Encourage Their Love For Our Earth

I teach my kids about nature and the environment by reading themed books with them, spending time outdoors, and by simply being a good example. Since I like to take every opportunity I can to enlighten them about our earth, why not use their fascination with hand-held devices as an opportunity to educate? Because really, what child doesn’t have a fascination with an iPhone or a tablet?!

Here are three great eco-themed apps that will teach your kids about nature and the environment:

  You Are Stardust

Did you know that we drink the same water that has been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth? And did you know we shed the most hair in early autumn, just as leaves fall from trees? These are just a few of the facts taught in this visually appealing and very interactive app. Based on the acclaimed book, You Are Stardust, this app helps kids to understand just how much they are connected to nature. Adults will enjoy taking in the interesting facts as much as the kids do!

Available for: iPad
Where to buy: iTunes
Cost: $4.99

  Let's Go Chipper

Chipper the squirrel is the star of this interactive app and he will guide your child through eco-themed movies, stories, games, and more. All of the activities included in this fun app will teach about the outdoors, animals, and the environment.

Available for: iPhone & iPad
Where to buy: iTunes
Cost: $2.99


LitterBug! is for the younger set and teaches about the importance of recycling through interactive games. The games teach about the different types of waste and how each should be treated (blue bin or trash can).

Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Where to buy: iTunes
Cost: The lite version is free, the extended version costs $0.99

Do you have a favourite kid-friendly, eco-themed app?