10 People We Can't Just Can't Understand

I Can Get Along With You But It Doesn't Mean I Understand You

10 People We Can't Just Can't Understand

I can get along with almost everyone. I’m pretty easy-going like that.


(There’s always a but, isn’t there?)

But there are certain types of people I just don’t understand.

It doesn’t mean I can’t get along with you. It just means that much like calculus, I just don’t understand you.

You know who I don’t understand? Well, truth be told, lots of people. But I’ll stick to the ten to come to my mind first. So here goes, in no particular order:

  1. People who don’t like reality television. My husband falls into this category. How can you not like reality television? It captures the best of the worst things ever. It’s like a train wreck I can’t turn away from.
  2. People who like to run. Outside. In winter. You’re just wacky. I can’t try to understand wacky.
  3. People who hate dogs. This is just so wrong. It’s almost as bad as not liking babies. Is that even a thing? Is there anyone who doesn’t like babies?
  4. People who put their socks on first. Weird. Socks are so inconsequential. They’re like the afterthought of dressing.  I’d think you’d just naturally start with the more important pieces first.
  5. People who don’t drink coffee. How do you wake up? How do you deal with Mondays?
  6. People who don’t eat dessert. It just can’t be true. It’s an enigma, isn’t it?
  7. People who don’t flush the toilet in public bathrooms. Do you not flush at home either? For the record, you’re pretty disgusting. Matter of fact, I have no desire to understand you.
  8. People who like winter. In all honesty, I begrudgingly respect you. You’re probably a skier, or a hockey player, or a figure skater, or something else equally fantastic. So yeah, I respect you, but I don’t understand you.
  9. People who don’t like their parents. WTF. They gave you life. The very least you could do is like them for that. Unless they were abusive, then please hate on.
  10. People who listen to classical music in the car. Are you just doing it to appear worldly? You’re just messing with us, right? How can that be any fun to drive to? Try old school Madonna for once. I swear, you’ll never go back.

There it is - the ten types of people I just don’t understand.

Now it’s your turn. Who is it that confuses the *@#& out of you? Please share! And the more random, the better!

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Is Your Phone Off Limits to Your Partner?

It's Time To 'Fess Up. Do You Look At Your Partner's Phone?

Is Your Phone Off Limits to Your Partner?


It’s confession time.

Do you ever peek at your partner’s phone?

(Slowly raises hand.)

I do.

Yes, I do. I admit to occasionally looking at my husband’s phone.

Usually it’ll be right after he’s looked at it and laughed.

What? I want to know what’s so funny, too.

Unfortunately, I’m sorely disappointed most of the time. His funny is not my funny. His funny is a mix of Ridiculousness and Jackass. Basically, he’s a fourteen year old boy.

But that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to see what is making him laugh. Sometimes I’m just feeling nosy. Or bored. Or nosy and bored. I don’t feel bad about it either.

I mean, he’s made it clear to me that his friends’ messages are off limits. As are his family’s messages. And I get that. I don’t let him read my friend or family messages either. That wouldn’t be fair to the other parties involved.

In the fairness of full disclosure, I delete all the seriously juicy stuff right away anyway and I'm pretty certain he does the same thing. Just in case, of course. I mean, the temptation is great when a message starts with "OMFG. STFU. You won't believe the idiocy I have to deal with 100% of the time. IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD."

Basically, my friends and I are also fourteen years-old. That would explain why my husband and I go together so well.

But the other stuff? Facebook, Twitter, social media apps? Totally within limits. At least within our marriage.   

I know some people are very private with their phones. I have friends who don’t let their partners near their phone. They never forget to lock it and they never leave it unattended.

I have other friends whose partners insist on viewing each other’s phones without any restrictions. They are adamant they should have full access to it.

Us? We’re somewhere in the middle.

We’re pretty easy going about each other’s phones. He occasionally picks up mine, I pick up his. I know his password, he knows mine. We don’t get angry when we see the other looking at it.

It might not work for everyone but it works for us.

What about you? Where do you draw the line with your partner? Does your partner have access to your phone or is it strictly off limits?

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