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A Grandparent's Love is Like No Other

A Love That Lasts A Lifetime

A grandparent's love is like no other |

I lost my grandmother very recently. She was the only grandparent I had left, instrumental in my upbringing, and I am devastated.

For those lucky enough to know, we know that a grandparent’s love is unlike any other love. It is magical. 

Grandparents love unconditionally. Every grandchild is brilliant in the eyes of their grandparents. I’m fairly certain it’s in the grandparent handbook. They don’t see the mistakes that parents see, they don’t issue daily rebukes, they don’t try to change us. Grandparents simply accept us as we are.

Grandparents are infinitely wise. They know everything about everything. They know how to knit the warmest sweaters and sew the most colourful shirts. They can identify vegetables that we’ve never seen before and know a remedy to get rid of any ailment you may have.

Grandparents are the best storytellers. Their stories are never ending and more entertaining than any your parent may share. They speak of times you can only imagine and struggles that you could never bear. The stories are tall and fabulous and the fact that you may never be able to verify them for accuracy is inconsequential. 

Grandparents always have time for you. They will play on the ground with you when you’re small, make time to go on long walks with you when you’re a little older, and babysit your children when you become a parent yourself. They will never say they are too busy for you and will always take your call.

Grandparents provide unwavering comfort and support. They make you feel better even when you feel down. They make you see your worth even when you feel small. There is no other comfort greater than a grandparent’s hug and nothing more calming than the feel of their worn hands.

Grandparents make you believe in a better world. When you enter their door, you step into a world that is peaceful and loving. A world that slows down and let’s you forget about your problems for a while. A world that makes time for you. A world where people matter and more specifically, you matter.

Grandparents form the foundation of our youth. They are the unbreakable link that binds the new and the old. They are both the treasured keeper of our past and the unyielding strength on which we build our future. They are a part of our past, present, and future. They have a weathered hand in making us who we are.

I have lost my grandmother and I am devastated but I am also blessed to have had her in my life. And though she may be gone, she will always be a part of who I am. And for that, I am forever thankful.

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