Top 5 Best Baby Strollers for Travel

If your family is on the move this summer, you'll want one of these in the mix

I’ve learned something on this parenting journey. I’ve learned that travelling with children is a logistical nightmare that is made even worse with a full size stroller.

You know that really fancy, overpriced luxury stroller with all the bells and whistles and oh-so-adorable bassinet? Uh, yeah. Good luck travelling with that dinosaur.

Trust me, it’s a special kind of hell trying to put together a two-part stroller while also holding your screaming baby in the security line at the airport. Not that I would ever be silly enough to try….

Basically, what I’m saying is that a travel stroller is your friend if you’re travelling.

There are a few important features to consider when looking for a travel stroller:


The lighter, the better. This is the stroller you want to be light enough to effortlessly maneuver when you’re on vacation, travelling on public transport, running out for some easy errands, or basically doing anything else that involves real life.

How It Folds

The way the stroller folds will be the biggest factor in terms of convenience. Look for one that folds up the easiest (fastest!) and preferably, with one hand.


The smaller the stroller folds up, the simpler it will be to travel with. Ideally, it will fold up small enough that it will fit painlessly onto public transport, overhead bins, taxi trunks, and any other mode of transportation you might have to take on your travels.


Look for a stroller that is light and compact but still durable and able to stand up to travelling the mile. Large quality tires are a must and an aluminum or metal frame will last you much longer than a plastic one.

Extra Perks

A five-point harness is ideal in terms of safety. A reclining seat is wonderful for travelling with a child who still naps. A large sun canopy and storage basket is always appreciated.  Bonus points if the seat is reversible. And don’t forget a cup holder for mommy (or daddy’s) much needed coffee!

Now comes the fun - picking your stroller!

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