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You Need to Start Sleeping With Your Partner Again

Are you and your partner sleeping single in two double beds?


Do you sleep in the same bed as your spouse?

I do.

In fact, we have our bedtime routine down pat and I have a hard time sleeping if we deviate from it. Basically, I’m admitting I have a hard time falling asleep without my husband. But lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people choose not to sleep in the same bed as their spouse.

Huh? What?

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I thought the reason we get married is so we have someone to warm up against at night. No, not in the naughty way (although that’s not such a bad reason either) but in the I’m freezing cold and thank God for your warmth kind of way. I thought everyone thought this way.

Clearly I’ve been wrong.

For some, it’s because they have small children. And I get it, three (or four, or five…) can be a crowd. That makes sense to me.

For others, it’s because their partner snores. It can be hard to sleep when there’s a roaring bear next to you. That also makes some sense to me. Although I’d hope that you’d try other alternatives before resorting to different beds. I mean, there are nose strips and machines for things like that now.

But for a few, it’s because they just don’t like sharing a bed. This. Well, this just makes no sense to me. At all.

How can you not like to share a bed with your spouse? I would think it would be rather awkward not to. I mean, would you have to preplan certain activities? For example, on Fridays, do you get into the same bed? Would the children not catch on? It just seems so absolutely absurd to me.

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I really don’t get it.

The best part of my night is being able to ramble about everything and anything as my husband tries to go to sleep. I get to talk. He has to listen. I mean he really has to. He has nowhere else to go. And it’s almost like a fun little game we play. What can I say that will actually make him communicate back? For the record, celebrity gossip is not exactly it.

And we get to cuddle. Which is the best thing ever. Because we all know that by "cuddle," we really mean to steal body heat. What other way do you warm up those ice blocks known as feet?

But in all seriousness, sleeping with my husband lets us reconnect at night. We get to spend some time together after all the busy-ness of life and parenting. We get to go back to being husband and wife instead of mom and dad for just a little while.

And that’s worth sharing a bed, in my opinion.