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How To Successfully Raise Daughters In A Hypocritical World

When Hair And Makeup Become A Parenting Dilemma

I like myself best with makeup on and hair done. And it worries me more than just a little.

Truth be told, I never thought about it before. I never gave it a second thought, because it was just another thing I did and didn't have to think about.

That's who I was.

I was the sort who never wore flats, never left her house without makeup on, and definitely always did her hair. A ponytail? Oh my, not I!

I enjoyed getting dressed up and putting on my face.

I still enjoy it.

But now, it worries me.

See, the thing is that I have daughters.

And it scares me that I am teaching them something I do not want to teach them.

That maybe I am not good enough without makeup on. That women only look pretty with perfectly curled hair. That they only look beautiful when dressed up.


That’s not what I think. That’s really not what I think at all. And that’s definitely not what I want my daughters to think.

But I fear I am a hypocrite of the worst kind.

I am worried that my actions speak louder than my intentions and words.

What if all my actions, contrary to what I say out loud, are being literally interpreted? More powerfully than what I say to them each night.

That they are beautiful. That beauty is on the inside. That they are perfect just the way they are.

Is it true that no matter what I protest, my made up face will undo all my words every single time? Because that's what I can't help but worry about.

Tell me you feel this way too? I can’t be the only one thinking about this, can I?

Having to now rethink every single action that went unnoticed before.

Before children.

Before it became our responsibility to raise strong, confident daughters and mindful, self-assured sons. Before makeup became so much more than just makeup. Before every single action became susceptible to becoming another parenting dilemma to think about.

So, tell me, do you feel this too? Do you feel this pressure that has reared its head for me?

How do you bridge the gap between actions and words? And more importantly, what do you do?

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