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Wrong Words Spoken Are Better Than Right Ones Unsaid

Living With Regret Is Hard To Do

living with regret

I’ve lost three family members in the last few weeks.

Losing someone is incomparable.

It hurts like nothing else.

But living with regret is pretty close.

There are sometimes no second chances. No opportunity to fix things.

No possible way to go back. To tell someone you’re sorry for not keeping in touch.

That you regret it with all your heart.

And life just seemed to get in the way.

And then you got busy and tomorrow seemed like a better time to call.

That you kept putting it off because you didn’t know what to say.

But anything at all would have been better than nothing.

The wrong words spoken would have been better than the right ones unsaid.

You didn’t know that you wouldn’t get to say you missed the old days.

The good days.

The childhood days.

You thought you had lots of time.

But you never realized that maybe someone else didn’t.

And now it’s too late.

The moment has passed by.

But maybe you knew anyway.

And now you’ve taught me something else.

To not let time slip by so quickly.

To cherish the moment and the people in it.

To focus more on those who matter.

And less on those who don’t.

To love more.

And to say so even more.

Especially that.


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