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America The Beautiful—Can You Believe This Reaction?

This Beautiful Super Bowl commerical sure brought out the ugly

Coca-Cola aired a commercial during this week’s Super Bowl.

It showed typical Americans doing typical American things all while singing ‘America The Beautiful.’

It was a smart and touching ad that should have had people talking about what a great country the lovely United States of America is.

It should have made its citizens proud.

Except that’s not all that happened.

Because some people forget one tiny little fact.

Fact: Non-white Americans Are No Longer Allowed to Think America is Beautiful.

Are you white?


America is beautiful (but don’t tell the coloured folks.)

Not white?

You’re shit out of luck.

No, you cannot think this country is beautiful.



You want a better reason?

Better than because?


Because you speak a funny language.


Because you pronounce America wrong.

Because you want to sing about our country in your funny language.

It doesn’t matter if you’re singing about its beauty and why it’s great.

It’s in a funny language.

With weird words I don’t understand.

It's un-American.


And it’s like terrorism.

Totally like terrorism.


I’m throwing out all my Coke. You’re basically like the Broncos of last night.


And don’t disrespect the national anthem like that.

It's beyond rude.


Not the anthem?


You're just pretending to be Americans.

So, so, so un-American.


You really suck.

Pepsi for the win.



*Disclaimer: I'm being a sarcastic asshole. If you read this and agree, I will pray for you.


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