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My Daughters: So Similar, Yet So Very Different

My precious big girl and my darling baby

So Similar, Yet So Very Different

I was recently sent some free Playtex products to test with my two daughters and while testing, a realization hit me. They both interacted so differently to the same products. Each one using it in a way that is unique to herself. My precious big girl and my darling baby, each showing me a glimpse into their own unique and precious personalities...

My daughters are like all siblings the world over. They’re so different yet so very similar.

Each one is a unique piece of our family puzzle.

One has hair straight as a board. The other has curls just like her daddy.

They both delight in fancy bows and hair bands.

One slept through the night at six weeks. The other is approaching a year and is still up every few hours.

They both still take an afternoon nap.

One helps me throw out diapers in the incomparable Diaper Genie Elite. The other helps me fill it up.

They both have a fascination with potty time.

One would only sleep on her back as a baby. The other only sleeps on her stomach.

I can’t help but watch them both in slumber.

One was obsessed with her soothing Playtex OrthoPro Pacifier. The other prefers her thumb.

They both look adorably ridiculous.

One is a morning bird. The other is a night owl.

They both wake up with a smile on their face.

One prefers carrots. The other likes sweet potato best.

One likes to be cuddled. The other wants her space.

They both want mommy when they fall.

One still likes to drink out of her favourite Playtex Straw Cup. The other is just learning to use her Playtex 1st Sipster Trainer Cup.

They both try so hard to be independent.

One is daddy’s girl. The other is a mess without her mommy.

They both have our hearts.

One is shy with strangers. The other is ready with a giggle for everyone.

They both reserve the biggest smiles for family.

One was crawling at six months. The other is content shuffling around on her bum for now.

They both have me watching their every move.

One is cautious. The other tests every boundary.

They both scare me to pieces.

One was an easy baby. The other has me endlessly searching websites to help figure things out.

They are both worth every sleepless night.

One is mommy’s helper. The other is helplessly young.

One is almost four years old. The other is close to celebrating her first birthday.

One is my precious big girl. The other one is my darling baby.

Each so different, yet they fit together so perfectly.